Digital technologies to help social landlords

Syment boost social housing management by offering a tool to help monitor the housing stock as well as a space for communication between landlords and users.

The innovation in the social housing

Because we provide an aggregator real estate services solution (digital hub), the renter are going to be able to stay informed, learn and actively participate in the life his residence and make it collaborative.

What does Syment offer social landlords?

Retain renters and acquire new renters

An all-in-one tool to back the landlord in his new jobs

Reduced management costs that increase capacity to invest and construct of new housing.

Because we bring pedagogy into management (chatbot, indicator of energy consumption), the landlord gets greater customer involvement and satisfaction.

The evolution of social landlord's role

By adopting the platform Syment, you can daily accompany your occupants and also become own of their home.

Be a landlord who knows how to listen

Quickly create surveys for renters of your residences. No more need for big budget satisfaction surveys, you are now able to question your users any time and about any part of your real estate.

Centralize your documents

Attach documents to your residences. You are able of inviting all residents to view public documents. Privately exchange documents with a user.

An assistant for your users

Syment support is regularly updated and new elements are added which offers a pedagogical synthesis of the recurring questions. Users have encountered a problem in their residence ? They can ask an assistant who will instantly answer using the corresponding answers. If there is no answer available for the question, he can send it to the support team of Syment who take it in charge as soon as possible.

Partners of social landlords

In’li is the No.1 intermediate housing in Île-de-France and a Groupe Action Logement subsidiary, backs and helps accelerates innovation to meet the requirements of the housing for the residents of Île-de-France.

In’li chose Syment to optimize the management of its park that has 55 000 intermediate housing and achieve better involvement and a better customer satisfaction but also help keeping possible its commitments to produce 80 000 new housing in Île-de-France by 2025.