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A unique dashboard

The dashboard is personalized to fit the account type (manager, owner or renters).

When connected to the Syment platform, you can see a dashboard designed to help you be more efficient in your daily tasks. In a nutshell, you can visualize the important informations about your real estate portfolio or your residences.

Visual of Residences

Your residences in square millimeters

How can you be able to navigate when your real estate park several thousand residences ? Which one is the most profitable, which one is the least profitable and how can you optimize each residence ? There are a lot of questions that Syment can easily answer.

Visual of Assemblies


With Syment, it's now possible to hold digitized general assemblies. Associate them to surveys and generate automatically the records that will later be added to the Blockchain. It's guaranteed by the Blockchain technology that the information is accurate and unfalsifiable and that there is a contractual certification of records. Thus simplifying your work.

Visual of Surveys


With a small click, you can create surveys for your residents using our feature "Surveys". By doing this, you give your co-owners and renters to possibility to improve their daily lives. For example, ask them about their opinion regarding future developments, maintenance of common areas, etc. This will help you be aware of the trends for a next general assembly.

Visual of Incident

Management of incidents

« An elevator is broken ? »

An incident ticket is opened by a resident. You can transmit this information to your provider and monitor his intervention until the problem is solved without needing to pick up a phone. All residents are going to be able to monitor step by step the evolution of the incident until it's solved.

« The elevator is working again! »

Visual of Calendar

Shared calendar

A real calendar of the residence. Syment's calendar, that is designed for managers and resident, perfectly meets the requirements of the trustees, while also offering a real advantage for residents. All the events (interventions, general assemblies, parties with the neighbors, etc.) can be found in a unique calendar. With a simple click, synchronize your Syment calendar with Google Calendar.

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