How to increase the profitability of your homeowners association ?

The real estate management platform Syment hands innovation to building managers, improves their business and increases their profitability.

A new era for trustees

Whatever the size of your asset, Syment will help you develop the growth of your real estate portfolio !

How does Syment improve the trustees experience ?

Reducing management cost of everyday life regarding non-creative tasks

Offering the homeowners association a new experience

Implicate customers in management, simplify the decision-making and show the trustee's skills

Bring pedagogy and make the management of real estate accessible

Retain customers and help them be the best merchants.

Aggregate new services and back customers during their purchases/sales.

Be different than competitors and increase the management portfolio.

The evolution of the trustee profession du to the digital solution

On a daily basis, the start-up Syment help the trustees, offers steering indicators, reduces tasks that are repetitive, increases customers growth and works on the multiple aspects to provide a new user experience. The trustee can make his actions visible and reengages his customers in the building management.

Use your customer database

Syment provide you with a CRM that uses key informations about your asset to target potential buyers who can be owners-investors or first-time buyers. The goal is to increase your transactional conversion rate and the number of customers who are in rental management within trustee asset.

New axes of monetization

Designed to be a hub, Syment is a solution allowing you to aggregate data and to prove new services for your customers on the residence, in the private sector (insurance, works,...) or to better understand strategic information from your portfolio.

Boost the participation in GA

It's now possible to hold digitized general assemblies and to spread them over several days. This will allow all part owners to participate according to their availability. Thanks to a blockchain technology developed by Syment, votes and records are immutable.

Testimonials from trustees

« We can already imagine the time saved in GA that become a simple formality. »

Anthony Folliot

Manager of the Folliot firm

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